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Senior Chef

Our Senior Chef is an extension of our Junior Chef program and intended for students who have met specific criteria and are looking for a more in-depth culinary experience. As Senior Chefs, students assume more individual responsibility in the kitchen while further developing and perfecting a wide range of advanced culinary techniques and concepts.

Intro to Culinary Arts (Advance)

June 14, 2018


Introductory of Culinary Arts is the first course of a series courses leading to a career pathway into the culinary industry. Topics include the theories and methods of cooking, culinary vocabulary, and the development of safe and sanitary kitchen practices.

Note: Former students are free of charge


Japanese Cheesecake

June 15, 2018


Learn the art of making a soft, fluffy yet delectably delightful cheesecake that everyone is raving about.


Choux Pastry

June 22, 2018


Learn to make profiteroles, croquembouches, éclairs, French crullers, beignets, St. Honoré cake, quenelles, chouquettes, craquelins and churros and explore endless possibilities with this simple yet widely used french pastry.


Le Pain II

June 29, 2018


Learn to make boulangerie the easy way that you can serve to family and friends!


Cake Decorating 2

July 6, 2018


Learn the basics of covering a fondant cake as well as decorating techniques.  This a project class where students will decorate a two tiered cake which they have pre-baked.  


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